175: End of Persuasion

I finished reading Persuasion today.


It wasn’t my favorite out of the 6, but it was interesting. I feel like Anne wasn’t able to experience the life she was created for…. as if the persuasion in her life made her miss out and take a completely different direction.

I tried to imagine what it would have been like for each of these characters if manipulation and persuasion wasn’t involved in their lives. Would they have known how each other felt? Would they have had the same experiences?

I guess I’ve never thought about characters who COULD HAVE HAD a different life… and Anne, plus all the others, could have had a 180 from the life that was presented in the book.

So, what is Jane trying to tell me? What is it that I’m suppose to discover from this? Hmmm… makes me think.


1 Response to “175: End of Persuasion”

  1. 1 Vidya July 20, 2011 at 7:05 am

    I think Persuasion is a love story.. love story for true love’s sake. I have read so many romatic novels that base their plots on Persuasion.. Jane’s Persuasion was the the precursor to all of them. But, even if you wanted morals from it — it is this — steadfastness of Anne in her love even if persuaded.. wisening up of Capt Wentworth to realize true love lasts a long time and that every love story takes it own time to develop.. or that stupidity and shallowness of Sir Walter Elliot or Elizabeth stands in the way of their true happiness or even William Elliot ‘s duplicity has reinforced the saying that a leopard can never change his spots.

    But.. great job on finishing all of the Austen novels… such a feat for a man as its hard to relate Jane’s period novels and its heroines. :-)

    Good Luck!


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