180: The End… or is it?

This is The End.

My literary experiment is over… I’ve read all 6 books and documented my heart.

…but I think the blog will remain where it is. I’m certain that Austen will have a way of venturing back in to my life.

I’d love to go to Bath and visit her home.

I’d love to watch the film versions of each book.

I’d love to get more information about the “long-lost manuscript ” that was recently found.

So… for now… this is The End.

Love and Austen to you all.

179: Thank You, Fans

I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to the fans for reading my thoughts. It’s been encouraging, helpful, and wonderful to know that there were others out there who were a part of this literary journey.

I tell my friends that I discovered an online Jane Austen world… and you peeps are Jane-Lifers!

I commend you. I appreciate you.

I pray that reading Austen will continue to be refreshing with every turn of the page.

178: Rediscovered Life

My goal was to rediscover life.

And I’ve learned a lot by following Jane.

I distinctly remember the Sunday evening in March when I was driving home, wondering how I could improve my life and do something that wouldn’t be extremely out of the ordinary.

I love reading… what could I read and document my life that would be meaningful?


I could all 6 Jane Austen books.

And here I am. End date: July 2011.

I’ve read all 6 books and documented my life here. I’ve discovered rediscovered a lot. Here’s what I found.

Northanger Abbey: The essence of Austen dripped from the pages as I started, and I began to romance my wife. Not the most uplifting and character-enchanting novel, but a good start to reboot my “I’d like to date you” mentality.

Sense and Sensibility: Intrigued and engaged in these relationships. I began to see the characters in the novel in friendships in my life. This was real. This was my reality TV as I began the summer of 2010. S&S has become my favorite (but I won’t tell P&P that). I’d reread this one in the near future, too.

Pride and Prejudice: I got positive feedback any time I mentioned that I was reading this novel. A classic. A icon. I learned that I am Mr. Darcy. I learned that Jane Austen’s whit in writing doesn’t fall out of style or touch. I love this book. LOVE these characters, and I discovered the part in my heart that is designed for literature. Let me take off my hat, and bow to you, Ms. Austen.

Mansfield Park: The horrible sequel. The unfortunate Aunt who shows up to the dinner party. I rather large novel that follows Pride and Prejudice. Fanny Price isn’t my favorite, and I discovered that I like women to have their own voice. I like when women are in charge of their emotions and are able to stand strong in relationships.

Emma: Good book, and a GREAT character. I love Emma. She has the spunk and charismatic personality that I like. I’d be friends with her if she was around today. I would  invite her to be a part of my family, friends, and life. I realized that knowing and having meaningful relationships are just as important as knowing yourself. Even as the book dragged on towards the end, Emma is a great (yet challenging) read.

Persuasion: Characters… Eh. Storyline… okay. My favorite? Not so much, BUT… I will say that living out your hopes, dreams, and loves must happen in order to achieve happiness. Closing the last page, I didn’t see the characters as happy or content. I saw them as mere products of their persuasive situations. As unfortunate (or fortunate) for them, I discovered that I can’t stand in the way of someone’s purpose or plan.

So there you go. That’s why I rediscovered w/ the scribbles of Ms. Jane Austen.

177: Timeline, Realigned

Well. I didn’t make my “6 books in 6 months” timeline…

but I’m okay with that.

Sometimes, I think reading a book within a time frame is essential. Other times, not so much.

I learned and rediscovered a lot through this literary experiment (which is another post to come)… and I think the seasons in my life in which every book opened and closed, was a part of my “read as you can, and write as you must” mentality that slowly overpowered the “6 books in 6 months” motto.

176: These Books…

These books have been on my mind and heart since April of 2010.

These books hold my annotations, my questions, my laughs, blood, coffee stains, and tears. They’ll live on my bookshelf for a long, long time.

175: End of Persuasion

I finished reading Persuasion today.


It wasn’t my favorite out of the 6, but it was interesting. I feel like Anne wasn’t able to experience the life she was created for…. as if the persuasion in her life made her miss out and take a completely different direction.

I tried to imagine what it would have been like for each of these characters if manipulation and persuasion wasn’t involved in their lives. Would they have known how each other felt? Would they have had the same experiences?

I guess I’ve never thought about characters who COULD HAVE HAD a different life… and Anne, plus all the others, could have had a 180 from the life that was presented in the book.

So, what is Jane trying to tell me? What is it that I’m suppose to discover from this? Hmmm… makes me think.


174: Persuasion in Persuasion

I am constantly astonished in the amount of persuasion that is in Persuasion. Now, obviously, it’s the over-arching theme in the novel, but the amount of dismissal toward personal emotion is overwhelming.

As I read, I’m noticing that Anne (as well as the other characters) denies her emotions… and I’m wondering if all these characters are only a hollow shell of their actual selves.

In the art and nostalgia of this blog, I’ve discovered that I can not deny my emotions. I’m not easily persuaded like these characters; however, I am still able to be a subject of manipulation. There is a large amount of trickery among who actual loves who and why…

That’s all for now.

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